De Kommeniste - 1000 Titels LP + CD
De Kommeniste - 1000 Titels LP + CD
De Kommeniste

De Kommeniste - 1000 Titels LP + CD

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The groundbreaking band De Kommeniste was founded in Antwerp in July 1978 with vocalist and guitarist Marc Meulemans (21 May 1956 - 27 January 2007), bassist Herman Tallein, lead guitarist Mark Meulemans, drummer Bob Campenaerts. They chose the most non-commercial group name to convey their anti-establishment stance and deliberately misspelled it to show that they didn't really take themselves seriously either. The Kommies - their affectionate nickname - produced a rock sound that sounded very new and fresh in Flanders. The lyrics in Dutch combined absurd humor and sharp venom, and dealt with topics never before discussed in Flemish music, such as “geitewolle sokke” and “look”. The debut EP Wonder der Techniek (1979) was produced by Marc Moulin and Dan Lacksman. In their short existence they played 75 concerts and they were notable for the energy, swagger and enthusiasm that radiated. They were driven by passion and you can hear this on the record.

De Kommeniste shared the stage with, among others, The Boomtown Rats, The Cars, Wire, Kevin Coyne, The Kids & De Kreuners. The most legendary performance was the opening act for Joy Division on January 14, 1980 in Antwerp's King Kong. On February 19, 1980 they suddenly decided to stop. Still, drummer Bob was able to convince the group to record the planned LP after the split and so it happened in a very relaxed atmosphere. They released the album "1000 Titels" completely independently, completely in the do-it-yourself spirit of the time with "fifth Kommenist" Johan Van Essche at the mixing desk. Especially for the album they bought 1000 white sleeves in which they knocked holes themselves with a hammer and a metal cap form. Each copy was given a separate title. This makes these original records unique. The album gained mythical status as a collector's item over the years.

Ritmische Dans from De Kommeniste on Vimeo.

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