Aimless Device - Coats Of Many Colours CD

Aimless Device - Coats Of Many Colours CD

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Aimless Device was Bart Azijn (electronics, words) and Patrick Meulemans (guitars) from Belgium, produced by no other than Ludo Camberlin (A Blaze Colour), and later also TB Frank (of The Neon Judgement fame). They released four 12”s/EPs on Ludo’s Anything But Records label: “Hard to be nice” (ABR 012, 1985), “World of Coats” (ABR 014, 1986), “Dog Days” (ABR 017, 1987) and “Mud in the Eye” (ABR 023, 1987) as well as a few tracks on various compilations.

Their sound was typical mid-80’s Dark Wave (or something in between Gothic Rock and Synth Pop) with a Roland TR-707 drum machine along with lots of synthesisers, guitars and basses, think of Weimar Gesang, They Fade In Silence, Moloko +, Belfegore, Die Unbekannten, or Days Of Sorrow, for example. This CD compiles all tracks from their vinyl releases, thus including their hit “Hyena”, plus adding two further tracks to the list.


1 No Friend Of Mine
2 Till The Rain Falls
3 Hyena
4 Heart Of Gold
5 Waterloo Bound
6 World Of Coats
7 Two's A Crowd
8 Bad Times Ahead
9 No Heroes
10 The Fuck
11 Heat
12 Break A Leg
13 Better Off Cold
14 Fun
15 Fat Men's Bread
16 Shellshock
17 Up In The Plane
18 Cry

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