A Blaze Colour - Against The Dark Trees Beyond  LP / CD
A Blaze Colour - Against The Dark Trees Beyond  LP / CD
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A Blaze Colour - Against The Dark Trees Beyond LP / CD

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Release date: NOV 25th

A Blaze Colour was the project of Ludo Camberlin [vocals & synths] and Bam (aka Karel Saelemaekers) [synths & visuals]. The group formed in Belgium in 1981, disbanded in 1983, and had a style which was minimal, stripped-down and occasionally experimental. Their only releases were a self-released cassette in 1981, plus a 7" vinyl single and a 12" vinyl EP in 1982.

All three of these releases were titled "Against The Dark Trees Beyond", which was originally part of the band's name. The band name was inspired by a phrase Camberlin read in a book by the Irish-American author J P Donleavy. It was shortened to A Blaze Colour because fans were apparently having a difficult time remembering the full name A Blaze Colour Against The Dark Trees Beyond.

Ludo is also the producer of Poesie Noire on the album Love Is Colder Than Death. Later he became a techno and house producer (producing Lords Of Acid), as well as producing bands like The Weathermen, The Neon Judgement, Vomito Negro, Attrition, Company of State, and Praga Khan.


A1 An Addict Of Time 3:15
A2 Dark Trees Beyond 2:50
A3 The New Ones 3:33
A4 Nowhere Else 3:36
A5 Through With Life 5:04
A6 Altitude 3:15

B1 Cold As Ever 3:28
B2 Means To An End 3:52
B3 Follow The Signs 4:23
B4 Or Lie Again 4:05
B5 The Ultimate Fight 2:39
B5 Unknown 4:20


01 An Addict Of Time 3:15
02 Dark Trees Beyond 2:50
03 The New Ones 3:33 
04 Nowhere Else 3:36
05 Through With Life 5:04
06 Altitude 3:15
07 Cold As Ever 3:30
08 Means To An End 3:57
09 Follow The Signs 4:23
10 Or Lie Again 4:05
11 The Ultimate Fight 2:39
12 Unknown 4:20
13 Fisk V.2.0 2:57
14 Through With Life 7:06 (Cassette Version)
15 The New Ones 3:44 (Cassette Version)

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